Event Management Website & App

All-in-One (AIO) is an end to end platform built to assist you in managing your event digitally, enabling a seamless event experience for your attendees!

Do you want to save time on liaising with every individual customer who is attending your event and lessen manual work on consolidating too many spreadsheets? Do you wish to have better onsite experience for your customers, shorter queues during event registration day and exhibit more touch points during your event? Read more to find out how AIO can help you to achieve all the above.

Optimise your events with our event registration app / event management app and enjoy these benefits:

  • 20% increase in event attendance
  • 27% increase in team productivity
  • 15% cost saving


  • Desktop and mobile compatibility – access AIO anywhere
  • Reduce the time required to check in attendees onsite by simply scanning their unique QR code using a smartphone

Holistic Experience

  • Improve event experience by way of an app that provides everything, from agendas and speaker profiles, to interactive sessions and networking opportunities at your fingertips

Effective Management

  • Identify attendees easily with unique QR codes
  • Track no shows and allows you to push automatic reminders to encourage people to register for your event
  • Set access points and scan participants’ QR codes
    • Real time attendees tracking
    • Follow up on sessions’ participation rates
    • Security & evacuation purposes

Increase Engagement

  • Audience interaction made easy
  • We create more interactive sessions with real-time polling and Q&As
  • Q&As can be displayed anonymously for privacy-related concerns


  • Craft your own event page you want it

Optimize with Data

  • Easily export participants details, polling results and Q&A reports
  • Actionable insights
  • Improve ROI
  • Improve future event experience


  • No event is too small or too big – our app is designed to accommodate light or heavy traffic data

contact us for more information on how to use AIO for your next event